No Gutters Last Longer than UltraLast®


Say goodbye to sagging and overflowing gutters for good.

ultralast gutter hanger
5000 Series Aluminum

Alloyed with magnesium and chromium, 5000 series aluminum provides the optimal ratio of rugged strength and flexibility. Known for its durability and exceptional rust resistance, this is the material most commonly used in the production of cargo ships

Weight Redistribution

A thick metal flange designed to rest on the wood below the fastener directs weight away from the screw and distributes it across a broader surface area. This flange also works to counteract the downward pulling force of the gutters when filled with water.

Optimal Screw Placement

The screw's entry point is placed closer to the center redirecting stress away from the wood and allowing the metal to absorb the weight. The screw is inserted through a metal bridge minimizing the screw's movement which helps prevent the wood from stripping.

Extra-Thick, 4" Long Screw

An extra-thick, 4 inch long screw provides a longer-lasting hold that can withstand heavy rainfall year after year. 20% thicker than standard hanger screws, our product can endure heavier payloads than any other hanger currently sold.

We have this down to a science.

With over 1 million feet of seamless gutters installed, we've perfected the process:

  • Precisely sloped to ensure optimal rate of flow.
  • Generous amounts of top grade sealant on corners and end caps
  • Hangers spaced every 2 feet or less
  • Always installed behind the roof's drip edge to prevent wood damage
expert installer

Lifetime Slope Warranty

When you upgrade to our UltraLast® hanger system our gutters are backed by a Lifetime Slope Guarantee*. No more sagging and overflowing gutters damaging your foundation and landscape.
Some restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

Peace of mind comes standard.

We stand behind our gutters 100%. If there's a warranty issue with any of our products, we will remedy the problem at no cost to you, or your money back. You risk nothing when you choose UltraLast.


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